How To Replace Concrete Tile Roofs

Roof leaks are very annoying especially during rainy season. Concrete tile roofs can last a long time, but they can crack and break over time because of too much exposure to extreme weather conditions. Any tile roofing that is broken or damaged must be repaired and replaced to stop leaks. Here are the steps to replace a concrete tile roof.

1. Inspect the entire roof carefully. Find out how many tiles are needed to be replaced so that you will have the accurate number of concrete tiles that needed to be changed. If possible, buy new tiles that are exactly the same as the entire roof. Otherwise, at least ensure the tiles fit the color and size of the ones to be changed.

2. Prepare all the materials needed so you will not waste time looking for the things you need in replacing the broken tiles.

• Concrete tile roof
• Ladder
• Hammer and nail gun
• Nail
• Cement
• Trowel
• Tile adhesive
• Flat bars (2)
• Tape measure
• Caulk
• Paint brush
• Solvent
• Tile adhesive

3. Place the ladder on even ground surface to prevent the ladder from sliding. The end of the ladder should lean on the edge of the roof. If possible, ask someone for help to hold on to the ladder.

4. Determine which tile is to be replaced first. Lift the tile to be removed very carefully to prevent it from breaking. Use the first flat bar by sliding it through the tile. Do the same with the left side of the broken tile with the second flat bar.

5. Do not remove the flat bars on the lifted tiles while removing the broken tile. Use the claw of the hammer to remove the nails that were used to attach the tile. If glue has been used, loosen the glue by applying a solvent using a paintbrush on the underside. Remove the broken tile.

6. Before attaching the new tile, inspect the flashing to see if they need to be replaced, too.

7. Place the new concrete tile in the same manner that the rest of the roof was installed. If nails were used, use a nail gun to secure the tiles in place. If glue was used, apply adhesives on the underside of the tile.

8. Remove the flat bar on the left first followed by the other flat bar on the top.

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